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Inspire Strategy framework and methodology are used to create organizationally aligned security




Inspire planning embraces the need and simplifies the approach to short-term, long-term and sustained planning



Short on resources?  Inspire Security offers managed services to maintain your security program strategy and planning efforts.



What We Do

As a Security Leader, is your Security Program even close to where you’d thought it would be?  Has the lack of a strategy or plan left you feeling disconnected, even directionless and the uncertain of where to start or stop stifles any progress or inspiration?

Highly successful individuals are detailed and strategic in their planning.  Successful people spend their time thinking about the big picture goal and idea.  They work tactically day to day to accomplish their “strategic mission” but regularly zoom out to analyze their objectives from a 50,000 ft view to ensure they are following the course of their Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning enables you to make key decisions deliberately, methodically and strategically.  Strategic Planning allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive.  It provides you a sense of direction and operational efficiency, but most importantly, it makes you and your security program more durable. 

How We Do It

Anyone with some general guidance can create a well-intentioned plan, that will get your organization from Point A to Point B. 

Strategy + Planning are independent variables, both of these variables have influencing factors that must be taken into consideration.  These influencing factors are layered within an organization, at the highest level you have “the business,” who you support, followed by your “security program” who you work for, “security department” who you work with and “security resources” who is doing the work.  Each of these influencing factors can then be broken down further to understand the different people, processes and technologies used to support their specific purpose.  Any of these factors that are not in alignment can influence the outcome and effectiveness of your strategic plan. 

Inspire Security Solutions offers Inspire Strategy, Inspire Planning and supporting Inspire Managed Services.  We have two decades of experience helping security executives prepare for their best and deliver excellence through strategy, planning and relentless execution. 



Inspire Security Solutions is a veteran owned and operated boutique security consulting company, which provides strategic planning and managed services to security executives.  Our primary mission is to connect with the right security leaders, at the right time, with hopes that I can help reduce mediocrity and elevate your security program to greatness.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a business owner.  As I have progressed in my career, I realized that my passion is with helping others and I always enjoyed assisting security executives and helping them build and drive their security programs forward.  I find absolute satisfaction with seeing others benefit from something that I helped them achieve.

My ‘aha!’ moment to found this company was truly discovered by someone who gave me some inspiration, hence the name of my company.  I had received some praise from a close friend and senior security executive, on a job well done.  It was the same kind of praise that I had heard over the years from other security executives.  I knew then that I possessed a particular skill that can help differentiate a security program and make a difference in its growth and continued success.

I am truly blessed.  I have great support behind the scenes and great partnerships with those I have and continue to serve.  I am excited for this opportunity and look forward to how we can inspire others to achieve more.

Robert Elliott
Founder, CEO

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