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Staff Augmentation Services

With decades of security expertise across multiple security industries, Inspires's Engineering team is poised to help you up-scale and up-skill to deliver your vision.

What is Staff Augmentation?  Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy used to staff a project and respond to business objectives.  The technique evaluates the existing staff and determines which additional skills are required.  One possible advantage of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources and utilize outsourced services and contract workers.

Reduce Security Costs

​Our talent pool consists of security experts, ready to integrate with your team in just a few weeks.  You could save considerably on costs compared to recruiting in-house and free up valuable internal resources to refocus on your core business.

Build Team Knowledge

Our engineers are encouraged to share their expertise with your internal team, leaving them with greater knowledge and skills for future security projects.

Reduce Security Risk

We measure success by your success.  In partnering with you, we allow you to test your boldest ideas without compromise or massive upfront investment.  We select our talent of the highest caliber - giving you an extra layer of expertise to secure your business.

Scale Quickly and with Flexibility

Plug technology and capacity gaps in your in-house security team and scale your security capacity as your security portfolio grows. We'll help you find resources with a project-specific mix of skills and/or address extra engineering needs, so you don't have to refocus your core security team.

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