Inspire Planning

How do you know where you are going if you do not know where you currently are?  Security leaders often struggle to effectively plan because at its simplest levels, it's hard.  There are so many competing priorities, such as, business demands, regulatory requirements, competing technologies, etc.  These competing priorities influence the decision and the direction of your security program.  What we often see, is that leaders are unable to begin or sustain progress because they lack planning or the understanding of where to start. 

So how do we do it?

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Inspire Planning

So, what is unique about Inspire Planning?  Inspire Planning embraces the need and simplifies the approach to long-term, short-term and sustained planning.  Our framework and methodology are built around lean-concepts, meaning we avoid waste (i.e. lesser value, time consuming tasks) and we focus on efforts that return immediate value but will sustain planning efforts long-term. 

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Inspire Planning

  • 12-18-month security program roadmap

  • Key projects

    • Defined requirements

    • Requirements trace-ability matrix

    • Scope-statements

    • Project plans

  • Tactical plan and customized execution cycle


  • Supporting documentation (i.e. processes, playbooks, etc.)

  • 3 months Inspire Managed Services (included)

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What to Expect

Inspire Planning typically takes 4-8 weeks to complete, our milestones include:

  • Data request

  • Kick-off (remote or onsite)

  • Planning strategy, objectives and goals workshop

  • Interviews, surveys and working sessions

  • Long-term roadmap planning

  • Short-term project planning

  • Execution cycle process and implementation


The services provided all come with supporting documentation (i.e. processes, playbooks, etc.) so that you can maintain going forward.  If human resources are limited, Inspire Security offers managed services to help you maintain your planning and strategy efforts.  For more details, check out our Inspire Managed Services.

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