Inspire Strategy

Enabling the organization to make decisions with security in-mind is the primary goal for any security team.  Security is an important function of an organization, the opportunities we have to influence the organization are often far and few between.  In order to enable you, the security leader, and to get you a seat at the table, you must align your security team to the business for the greater good of the organization. 

It sounds easy, right?  We tell them what they need, and they do what we ask?  Right? Wrong!  It's quite the opposite, the organization tells you where they are heading and you, the security leader, need to clear the path forward to ensure the organizations mission and their journey is secure.

Strategy at its highest level is understanding your current state and the path forward to reaching your desired future state.  There are factors that influence the steps that must be taken to achieve your desired future state.  Overlooking these factors can impact the outcome and effectiveness of your strategy.

So how do we do it?

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Inspire Strategy

Inspire Strategy is a framework and methodology used to create an organizationally aligned security strategy.  We evaluate each of your security program's functions, your security program's resources and the supporting processes and technologies used by your security program to ensure complete alignment to your security strategy.  Where alignment is not found, we will work with you and your team to identify the plan of action needed to address these specific gaps. 


Inspire Strategy

  • Strategy, Objectives, Goals

  • Program Maturity Assessment

  • Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment


Inspire Planning

  • 12-18 Month Program Roadmap

  • Key Projects

    • Defined Requirements

    • Scope Statements

    • Project Plans



  • Supporting documentation (i.e. processes, playbooks, etc.)

  • 3 months Inspire Managed Services (included)

What to Expect

Inspire Strategies typically take 8-12 weeks to complete, our milestones include:

  • Data Request

  • Kick-off (remote or on-site)

  • Security Strategy, Objectives and Goals Workshop

  • Interviews, surveys and working sessions

  • Maturity Assessment

  • Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment

  • Program Roadmap Planning

  • Project Planning


The services provided all come with supporting documentation (i.e. processes, playbooks, etc.) so that you can maintain going forward.  If human resources are limited, Inspire Security offers managed services to help you maintain your strategy and planning.  For more details, check out our Inspire Managed Services.

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