Security Risk Management Services Overview

Risk management professionals are becoming increasingly important to a company as their responsibilities are growing.  Changing regulatory requirements, operational disruptions, risk from third parties and cyberthreats are just a few areas that are becoming increasingly complex, expensive and damaging to a company’s reputation.  Whether this type of function is new to your company or you need help taking it to the next level, our diverse team of highly specialized risk consultants are here for you every step of the way.


Services Available:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Risk Register

  • Key Risk Indicators & Thresholds

  • Risk Appetite Statement 

  • Risk Dashboard Development

  • Risk Management Managed Services


Related Services:


Risk Assessments:  
A security risk assessment is a far-reaching review of anything that could pose a risk to the security or compliance of your company.  Each assessment is tailored to fit the exact purpose and scope requested by you.  Inspire Security Solutions risk management experts will perform a time-sensitive, cost-effective risk assessment to validate your controls are in place and to safeguard against security threats.

Key Objective:

  • Risk assessments help to protect you against breaches by identifying problems before they become issues

  • Risk assessments give you data to prioritize security improvements

  • Risk assessments help to guide your security investment


Risk Appetite:  
How much risk is your company willing to accept in pursuit of value?  Unsure?  Do you know where to start?  No risk appetite is the same, its custom to your company and your board-level leaders.  As a security leader, its on you to educate them to understand your company's risk, and the choices in setting a risk appetite.  Our experts can guide you through this process, we will work with you to create a Risk Appetite Statement (RAS), support board level discussions and enable process around monitoring and keeping your RAS up to date. 

Key Objective:

  • Promotes a risk aware culture and guides management in setting goals

  • A defined risk appetite is an element of good governance

  • Removes uncertainty and level sets view on risk by the board


Risk Register:  
A powerful risk register is one that is consistently maintained and uses repeatable processes to track identified risks, apply consistent assessment methodology, track mitigation activities and measure risk across the company. An effectively designed risk register is used to influence organizational decision and serves as the source-of-record for your organizations risk universe.  Whether you are just starting, or wanting to integrate into a GRC tool, our experts will customize a register that specifically meets your company's needs.

Key Objective:

  • Create a single source-of-record for all security risks

  • Understand your risk landscape of those critical areas of focus

  • Enable the business to make decisions based on risk


Risk Dashboard & Reporting Development:  
Are you looking for a consolidated view of your risk program metrics?  Do you have a need to drill down into specific risks by a framework, response, and or exception? Partner with us, our team can build custom risk dashboards around your most important key risk indicators and/or operational metrics.  

Key Objective:

  • Capture and report on key elements of risk

  • Single integrated view of risk across security

  • Visualize what matters, and manage intuitively


Key Risk Indicators & Thresholds:  
Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and their supporting thresholds serve as a measure that enables risk managers to identify potential losses before they happen.  To be effective, KRI’s must be regularly monitored and reported to company management so that company leaders are informed ahead of making important business decisions.  


Key Objective:

  • Enhance your understanding of your company's risk dynamic

  • Create efficiencies and accurate methods to assess and minimize potential risks 

  • Understand your company's risk tolerance, and proactively trigger corrective action

  • Deeper insight into past and emerging risk trends


Risk Management Managed Service:  
The practice of risk management is an important and foundational element of any security program.   Risk management enables company's to make decisions based on risk.  Inspire Security Solutions offers Risk Management Managed Services to assist your organization in achieving its risk management requirements.  

Key Objective:

  • Customized risk management process proven to reduce risk

  • Highly skilled resources available to maintain your risk management program

  • Bring value and risk management program maturity to your company