Security Training & Awareness Services Overview

Human beings are the weakest link in any organization’s digital security system.  People make mistakes, forget things, fall for fraudulent practices, or simply do not know.  Inspire Security Solutions offers training and awareness solutions that educate employees on different security risks and threats out there, as well as other specialized areas.  Whether its content support or as a managed service, Inspire Security Solutions can customize a plan that works best for your business.


Services Available:

  • Human Risk Assessment

  • Simulated Phishing

  • Cyber Security Awareness Month

  • Annual Security Training

  • Training & Awareness Managed Service

Related Services:


Human Risk Assessment Services:  
Is your company trying to understand why certain risk behaviors continue to be exemplified by your team members?  Are you looking to understand, foundationally, how to course correct risky behavior in an effect to reduce risk the organization? Inspire Security Solutions offers a Human Risk Assessment where our team of experts will evaluate your companies team members to understand the influencing risk factors and we will provide quick, cost-effective recommendations needed to achieve long-term success. 

Key Objective:

  • Understanding the foundational elements of your company’s security culture

  • Identify human risk factors that influence human risk to your company

  • Inspire intentionality, and focus to address individual team member training and awareness needs


Annual Security Training:  
Are you simply wanting training or wanting to take your annual security training to the next level?  If so, our team of experts can work with you to create engaging annual security training or help your organization mature to role-based training.  Do you need help administering?  We can help there too!

Key Objective:

  • Custom and relevant annual security training content and videos

  • Resources to support annual training planning, kickoff, and execution


Simulated Phishing Services:  
Phishing is an attack vector that shows no sign of slowing down.  Phishing remains one of the top access points for data breaches.  A simulated phishing program is an important way for companies to see how vulnerable their team members are to social engineering attacks and train them to do the right thing if the real thing were to occur.  Inspire Security Solutions Simulated Phishing Services is a program to provide employees a safe, simulated environment where they can learn about what real phishing attempts look like and how best to respond. 


Key Objective:

  • Provide a customized simulated phishing program to meet your company profile

  • Actively engage your team members consistently to increase awareness

  • Leverage real data to support and promote growth in security culture


Training & Awareness Managed Service:  
Do you have a need and/or are you short on skill resources?  If so, Inspire Security Solutions Training & Awareness managed services has you covered.  

Key Objective:

  • Managed phishing service with monthly phishing campaigns

  • Custom monthly security articles to promote security awareness

  • Custom engagement activities around National Cyber Security Awareness Month

  • Create and administer annual security training


Cyber Security Awareness Month: 
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).  Our team of security education experts can work with you to design materials (e.g., training, events, communications, etc.), and to plan NCSAM awareness events for your company.  


Key Objective:

  • Establish a custom theme and schedule

  • Actively engage with your team members (e.g., in-person, online, via communications)

  • Promote weekly topics to raise cyber awareness